Thursday, November 10, 2005

Selective amnesia and Roe v. Wade

It's really something how people "forget" things. Like Rove "forgetting" conversations regarding the outing of Plame, or Alito forgetting to recuse himself

Which proves one thing. Roe v. Wade is a smokescreen designed to keep one fact safely buried under the hysteria. That the entire Bush agenda is about the righ getting richer.

Roe v. Wade is a non-issue Roe v. Wade is also safe. Bush has played Dobson, Robertson and the rest of the right wing neo-fanatics like finely tuned violins. The truth is that Bush only cares about one thing.


Power, not morality, not religion, just power.

Which explains Alito to a "T". Alito is all about protecting the interests of huge corporations. Yeah, he's a conservative, and chucking Roe would be bonus points for the far right, but that's not Alitos deal. Alito is there to protect the interests of industry.

Bush may be the lame duck, but others in the GOP are facing uncertain political futures. Distancing themselves from the chimp is the order of the day. 70% of the country support Roe. Shooting down Roe v. Wade is akin to committing political suicide.

Take a look at the people getting fucked in this country. The working poor, and the outright poor. Which, translated, means those who do not make contributions to the GOP. Will Alito represent the working people, or will he do what he has done in the past; represent the interests of big business.

Which is what this whole thing is about.

Alito conveniently forgetting his involvement with corporate America should be his demise, and Roe v. Wade is safe.


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