Friday, November 04, 2005

Political Overload

I like too come out here and bitch and whine about the assholes who lie to us. Mainly, these rants are based in frustration. Frustration that we're being fucked over, and that we're used to it.

A country of battered wives. 200 million fucking sheep standing by powerless as we get the wood put to us.

Maybe I haven't added to my blog lately because I'm satisfied watching these immoral dipshits fuck themselves over better than any Liberal ever could.

So I watch and wait. Scooter? Fucked. DeLay? Fucked. Rove and Cheney? Soon to be fucked. The damage control mode they find themselves in is the most pathetic fucking thing I have ever seen. Yeah, I know. But chimpys numbers are so low that it looks like everyone in the United States, including a growing segment of his die-hard base, are beginning to see the light.

About fucking time.

As the lies pile on top of each other, as the bodies stack higher and higher, the truth begins to penetrate even the missing-link craniums of the far right fanatics.

37%. The asshole is at 37%. What does that mean? It means that the only Americans that have any use for the chimp are the industrialists that profit from his policies, and a good part of his base. Essentially, the entire country, except for a few braindead idiots who don't know any better, have no use for the chimp.

Smirky bastard that he is.

I thought I wan't going to rant here. I don't know if I did. I'm thinking I didn't, but I'm not sure. It may look like a rant, but what is happening now feels like taking a dump after you've held it in for a while.


Too early to break out the bubbly, but maybe we'll be popping corks soon.


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