Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can't blame Bush for this..

GM laying off 30,ooo workers.

God, how I would love to blame this on Bush, the worst fuck-up that ever held the office of President of the United States. But I can't. It's not his fault.

In a country that worships the automobile, where there are almost as many cars as people, GM should be dominating the industry. How come they aren't?

The answer is simple. They went "all in" playing a shitty hand. Here's the problem...

They bet their future on the belief that pointless, pretentious gas guzzling piece of shit SUV's would appeal to the braindead masses forever.

Boy, were they wrong.

Although we can't blame this on Bush, GM and Bush have much in common.

  • GM and Bush are both completely disconnected from the American public
  • GM and Bush are both stubborn
  • Thanks to a lack of vision and understanding, GM and Bush have both let down people who trusted them
  • Bush thinks the sacrifice of thousands will keep our country safe. That the sacrifice they make is worth it. GM thinks that sacrificing thousands of employees will keep GM solvent, that sacrificing thousands is worth it

Maybe GM should have been working on an SUV that got 35mpg?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Disappointing, but not unexpected

Only George W. Bush would use Veterans Day to promote his agenda of mass murder and deception. A miserable fucking liar who thinks the country is full of idiots who believe him. Someone should clue the chimp in. The majority of Americans (finally) "get it". That we were lied to. But asshole stands in front of the Unites States anyway, on Veterans Day, in a futile attempt to hold back the shit storm that he will eventually drown in, employing the same tactics that he always employs.

Swift-boat the messenger.

From chimpys Veterans Day speech

"While it's perfectly legitimate to criticize my decision or the conduct of the war, it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began. (Applause.) Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people about why we went to war. These critics are fully aware that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of political pressure to change the intelligence community's judgments related to Iraq's weapons programs. "
Once again, the usual tactic is employed. Go after the messenger. From Wilson to the DSM to the GOP Senate and house turning a blind eye to indictments and investigations within the White House, to Reid shutting down the Senate to force action, one thing remains constant.

George W. Bush has done everything possible to erect a smokescreen intended to hide the truth.

Yes, there were those who believed the President (I was not amongst them), and why shouldn't they? The notion of cooking intel to force an unnecessary war is the stuff conspiracy theories is made of. To the trusting, but naiive, members of the House and Senate who authorized use of force, they believed their President.

How many of them now say "If I knew now then what I know now".

Bush wanted this war. He wanted it, and he got it. He did the unthinkable, he misled Congress, the Country and the entire world to make his case for war. And war is what we got.

Barack Obama was on TDS. When Jon asked him what he would do to fix things, Obama shot back that Bush drove the bus into the ditch. The first thing he would do? Fire the bus driver.

Which gets us to the point. Bush claims that we who question his actions are attempting to "rewrite history". If Bush was forthcoming with the American people that may be accepted as a possibility. But Bush was not forthcoming. We do not want to rewrite history, we want history to reflect the events that actually took place.

The war will go on. With or without the evil, drunken degenerate who took advantage of the trust of decent human beings, the war will go on.

The war, and the architect of the war, are two different things. The war no longer needs Bush, it is a living, breathing monster that will continue sustaining itself on the death and suffering of innocent people. And George Bush must be held accountable for what he has done.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Selective amnesia and Roe v. Wade

It's really something how people "forget" things. Like Rove "forgetting" conversations regarding the outing of Plame, or Alito forgetting to recuse himself

Which proves one thing. Roe v. Wade is a smokescreen designed to keep one fact safely buried under the hysteria. That the entire Bush agenda is about the righ getting richer.

Roe v. Wade is a non-issue Roe v. Wade is also safe. Bush has played Dobson, Robertson and the rest of the right wing neo-fanatics like finely tuned violins. The truth is that Bush only cares about one thing.


Power, not morality, not religion, just power.

Which explains Alito to a "T". Alito is all about protecting the interests of huge corporations. Yeah, he's a conservative, and chucking Roe would be bonus points for the far right, but that's not Alitos deal. Alito is there to protect the interests of industry.

Bush may be the lame duck, but others in the GOP are facing uncertain political futures. Distancing themselves from the chimp is the order of the day. 70% of the country support Roe. Shooting down Roe v. Wade is akin to committing political suicide.

Take a look at the people getting fucked in this country. The working poor, and the outright poor. Which, translated, means those who do not make contributions to the GOP. Will Alito represent the working people, or will he do what he has done in the past; represent the interests of big business.

Which is what this whole thing is about.

Alito conveniently forgetting his involvement with corporate America should be his demise, and Roe v. Wade is safe.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hypocritical, low-life bastards

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Tuesday called for a congressional leak investigation into who told the news media about previously undisclosed U.S. interrogation centers abroad.

It would be wonderful if these two distinguished gentlemen would show the same passion and desire for justice when it involves the outing of a covert CIA operative as an act of political retribution, an act originating at the highest levels of the Administration. Cheney released the hounds.

Where is the outrage from Frist and Hastert about this?

Low-life, hypocrical phoney self-serving bastards.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Now for the rant

Cheney's office is the eye of Hurricane Plame. And what do we get after Scooter gets nailed? Nothing. Not a fucking thing. No explanation. No comment. Nothing. What do we get? Cheney replacing Scooter with another ass-kissing low-life.

No acountability. None whatsoever.

So much for restoring integrity to the White House.

Rove. King of the low-life degenerate bastards, walking around the White House with the same fucking smirk his boss has plastered on his puss 75% of the time (the other 25% you'll see his "confused" look)

God, manic depression sucks. One minute I'm delighted to see guys like Reid saying "fuck you" by shutting down the Senate. The thought of finishing the investigation is exciting. The thought of the dems taking back the House in '06 and impeaching the chimp is the stuff that wet dreams are made of.

Then I see Cheney not giving a shit about anything. Business as usual. Untouchable, above the law.

Someone please tell me that the American Public has awoken. That Democrats have finally grown some balls. That the press will continuing grilling Scotty and the chimp beyond the end of the current news cycle.

Political Overload

I like too come out here and bitch and whine about the assholes who lie to us. Mainly, these rants are based in frustration. Frustration that we're being fucked over, and that we're used to it.

A country of battered wives. 200 million fucking sheep standing by powerless as we get the wood put to us.

Maybe I haven't added to my blog lately because I'm satisfied watching these immoral dipshits fuck themselves over better than any Liberal ever could.

So I watch and wait. Scooter? Fucked. DeLay? Fucked. Rove and Cheney? Soon to be fucked. The damage control mode they find themselves in is the most pathetic fucking thing I have ever seen. Yeah, I know. But chimpys numbers are so low that it looks like everyone in the United States, including a growing segment of his die-hard base, are beginning to see the light.

About fucking time.

As the lies pile on top of each other, as the bodies stack higher and higher, the truth begins to penetrate even the missing-link craniums of the far right fanatics.

37%. The asshole is at 37%. What does that mean? It means that the only Americans that have any use for the chimp are the industrialists that profit from his policies, and a good part of his base. Essentially, the entire country, except for a few braindead idiots who don't know any better, have no use for the chimp.

Smirky bastard that he is.

I thought I wan't going to rant here. I don't know if I did. I'm thinking I didn't, but I'm not sure. It may look like a rant, but what is happening now feels like taking a dump after you've held it in for a while.


Too early to break out the bubbly, but maybe we'll be popping corks soon.