Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Support the Troops"

I watched two rallies on CSPAN yesterday. A "Support the Troops" rally, and an anti-war protest.

The "Support the Troops" rally was a thinly veiled pro-chimp rally. One after another, an endless procession of Gold Star parents stepped up to the podium with photographs of their dead children. These people believe that being opposed to the invasion of Iraq is unpatriotic. They believe that in order to support the Troops, you must support the war, and you must support the chimp.

How very sad this is. The truth is that their kids died in vain. Meaningles, pointless death. How impossibly difficult would it be for a parent to accept that their kids died for nothing? Ask Cindy Sheehan. They did not die for their country. Iraq did not attack us. Bush has linked Iraq and 9/11. Tragically, there was no connection. Not only was there no link between Iraq and 9/11, but we understood that before we invaded Iraq.

The self-preservation instinct is a powerful motivator. I don't believe the parents and sibs of the dead are stupid or misguided. I believe they believe what they do because believing that their kids died for their country is much less painful than living with the truth.

So many shattered lives. Parents deceiving themselves because the truth is simply too hard to bear. How very tragic.

The anti-war protest was really something. One Muslim after another screaming about freedom for all the opressed Brothers and Sisters. The search for truth should be universally embraced, but when the people searching for the truth come off as raving lunatics and hopeless fanatics, the focus is on the messenger, the message gets lost in the noise.

I appreciate and respect anyone standing there with a sign, but a lesson should be learned from the 60's. In order for change to be initiated, consideration of those who we are trying to reach is vitally important. Embracing counterculture is less important than accomplishing our objective; restoring integrity to our Government.

Screaming Muslims will not connect with Security Moms as effectively as a rational sounding voice.

Change must come from within the system. The GOP monopoly on government will only be broken when the system of checks and balances has been restored. And the only way to accomplish this is to connect with the people we're trying to reach. We need a unified Voice. One of logic and understanding. A voice that will be embraced by those we must somehow reach.


Blogger Wolfmoosepigchicken said...

I know those people we're trying to reach, and though they may be good people, they're freaking exasperating. I salute you if you can reach them--because it feels so much better to scream at them.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous caspixel said...

Having screaming Muslims at an anti-war rally doesn't seem particularly logical to me. Strange choice for speakers. Who are they trying to reach with that? Not meaning to be racist or anything, but that certainly doesn't seem to be the way to reach the average red-stater and a poor way to advance the anti-war message.

4:46 AM  

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