Sunday, September 04, 2005

A real American.

A recent comment on my blog:

So...the 100 thousand ignorant idiots that did not heed the warnings, did not pay attention to the evacuation demand BEFORE the storm hit, have no blame? Bullshit.

They cry for help and scream in rage only AFTER they realize their decision was stupid. Fuck them. This is called nature. Wake up shithead. This was far worse than anyone could have imagined prior to the storm.

It wasn't FEMA keeping the boats out, it was the idiot scum INSIDE, shooting at them while screaming for help. The welfare system at it's best. Rage because my check is late, rage because I have no water, rage because most of them were stupid.Yes, there were mistakes, yes, the communication systems went down, yes we should have been more prepared.However, before you blame Bush for your hatred, get a handle on ALL the facts.

Your ignorance and inability to understand basic human stupidity is showing big time. Now go grow up.
9:14 PM

It's clear what you are, and your juvenile, bigoted opinions will not be discussed here.

But I will give you this much..

Blame Bush for my hatred? What the fuck does that mean? Yeah, I hate the idiot-son. His lies committed American resources to Iraq. That's plenty to be mad about. But now, the lies that got us into Iraq have claimed the lives of thousands of Americans in the Homeland.

Do you think the Gulf states could make good use of the assets we have in Iraq? 140,000 troops, amphibious vehicles, helicopters, housing and communication systems? Bet your ass they could.

United States assets are in Iraq because the idiot-son lied to get them there. There were no WMD's, no ties to bin Laden. Intelligence was manipulated to make a case for war. Bush was going into Iraq to finish daddy's war, and that's all there is to it.

We have no business in Iraq.

And if we were honest we wouldn't be in Iraq. Neither would our assets.

What we should have seen were helicopter filled skies the moment Katrina moved on. Amphibious vehicles, swift boats, men and material. Aircraft carriers, non-stop sorties delivering supplies and doing rescue. Had this been the case, thousands of lives would have been saved. But it didn't go down this way. Because all the assets that could have made a difference were tied up in Iraq.

You're not that bright, so I'll connect the dots for you...

idiot-sons Iraq lies are now responsible not only for the deaths of thousands on foreign soil, but by depriving the gulf coast of assets, his lies are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans in the Homeland.

Maybe I'm wrong. If the bumbling, stumbling incoherent handling of the Iraq infrastructure reconstruction is any indication of our competance, the Gulf States may not have electricity for 30 years. If Iraq wasn't happening, things may have turned out the same way. Yes, we would have more people and hardware to send into the area, but we still would be lacking leadership.

The worse disaster to ever hit our shores and this asshole needs to finish his vacation and get in a few rounds of golf?

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Now, get lost.


Anonymous caspixel said...

What is with the fucking spammers? GO AWAY SPAMMERS!

That said, thanks so much for addressing that collassal ignoramous.

3:11 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

Oy, spam. Should be harder for them now.

I know, that guy was a real asshole. Pat Robertson material.

But it does show how disconnected Americans are from the plight of the poor. Many people have said "Why didn't they leave".

With Bush on vacation and Condi at a Broadway show, I guess they don't get it either.

Still, it's frightening to imagine people like that among us.

Scary stuff.

6:10 PM  

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