Thursday, September 01, 2005

Official: FEMA response "a national disgrace"
NO mayor sends out 'SOS"

Days after the storm, still no FEMA in N.O. New Orleans is in a state of anarchy. N.O. mayor sent out an "SOS", local official calls FEMA response "a national disgrace".

FEMA Director: "We were ready to go in, but then the levees were breached"

Everyone with a TV knew the levees and floodwalls were designed for a catagory 3 hurricane. Everyone, (except FEMA, evidently) knew that a catagory 4 was on the way. What a bunch of bullshit.

There is no excuse for Americans to die like this.

Read the story on MSNBC


Anonymous caspixel said...

Oh man, the Republican spin machine is revving up into high gear. Watching Larry King and CNN and the politicos are doing everything from blaming to the people who were stuck in the city (the freakin' governor of Louisiana was bragging about having a bed and shower while saying he didn't know that the hurricane was going to be Category 5, and then contradicting himself by saying that they kept telling people to evacuate - but not providing any transportation for the poor, old, sick, and infirm) to making excuses like "We've never seen anything like this before." (Bill Frist) Huh? The tsunami disaster comes to mind.

And they are saying that the stranded people don't have a right to be angry. That they should just be patient. Yeah, patient as they are starving and dying from thirst and standing in their own feces and watching rats eat the dead bodies. How fucking callous is that?

12:23 AM  
Anonymous caspixel said...

Sorry, it was the governor of Mississippi who was speaking on Larry King. But doesn't change what he said.

And this would be comical if the whole situtation weren't so tragic:

"President Bush hopes his tour of Gulf Coast communities battered by Hurricane Katrina will boost the spirits of increasingly desperate storm victims and their tired rescuers."

Bush to Tour Battered Gulf Coast Towns

Do you think seeing Bush's fucking smirking chimp face will boost their spirits? I wonder if his helicopter will get shot at by the snipers in NOLA.

12:29 AM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

I know. I'm so mad. I cant believe these guys. I'm so mad. Not on my watch? Where is the fucking leadership? Fucking chimp spending 2 days in Crawford, then plays some golf, then pitches the war on terror.

Did you hear his speech? Miserable, unfelling, cold-hearted, braindead lowlife degenerate bastard.

8:48 AM  

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