Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kerry: "Brownie is to Katrina what Tom DeLay is to ethics"

from Salon

"A betrayal of trust and abuse of power"

Sen. John Kerry blasts the Bush administration for its failed response to Hurricane Katrina, and lays out an alternative plan for rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

Editor's note: Following are prepared remarks by Sen. John Kerry to be delivered Sept. 19 at Brown University in Providence, R.I.

"Katrina is a symbol of all this administration does and doesn't do. Michael Brown -- or Brownie as the President so famously thanked him for doing a heck of a job -- Brownie is to Katrina what Paul Bremer is to peace in Iraq; what George Tenet is to slam dunk intelligence; what Paul Wolfowitz is to parades paved with flowers in Baghdad; what Dick Cheney is to visionary energy policy; what Donald Rumsfeld is to basic war planning; what Tom DeLay is to ethics; and what George Bush is to "Mission Accomplished" and "Wanted Dead or Alive." The bottom line is simple: The "we'll do whatever it takes" administration doesn't have what it takes to get the job done. "



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