Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane FEMA hits Reno

Reno made preperations for relocating 300 people from the New Orleans area. Housing was waiting, along with all the essentials. We were excited about helping people start a new life in our neighborhood. All the arrangements were made.

And then came FEMA. They put the brakes on everything. Nobody is going anywhere.

What the fuck is with these guys?

  • Firefighters sit in a Baton Rouge hotel room because FEMA.
  • Volunteers with boats and supplies are turned away by FEMA
  • Doctors volunteering to help are turned away by FEMA. Oh, wait, FEMA did allow one doctor to volunteer his services. Dr. Bill Frist
  • Medical supplies, generators, water treatment equipment, and pumps (international aid) has been turned away by FEMA

"Brownies' doing a heck of a job"

News flash George, the only thing brown is the shit coming out of your mouth. Brownie is not doing a "heck of a job". He is in way over his head, completely overwhelmed. And why shouldn't he be? After all, we're not talking Arabian horses here. We're talking disasters.

"Brownie" may be the nicest guy in the world. In fact, I feel sorry for him when I see those puppy dog eyes, but face it, George, his appointment was a political favor. As was the appointment of the #2 guy at FEMA, who was your Events Coordinator, and the #3 guy at FEMA, your campign media guy.

So, the three top guys at FEMA have zero combined years experience in Emergency Management. A pitiful bunch of political hacks, without a fucking clue between them.

"Now is not the time for playing politics" You said this after you stole the 2000 election.

"Now is not the time for playing politics" You said this after 9/11

"Now is not the time for playing politics" You said this after Tenet apologized for his "Slam Dunk" comment.

"Let's get the facts first" You said this when questioned about Karl Rove.

"Now is not the time to play the "Blame Game". That's your answer to questions about the mishandling of Government (non) response to Katrina. But wait, I'm sorry, you are going to investigate this. Yeah, you said so. You will investigate yourself.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Last year in Florida, your head was halfway up Jebs ass before the hurricanes even hit. You were there, along with FEMA, eager to pounce. The minute the sun came out you were there with your brother handing out bags of ice. You guys were all over the fucking place. Before, during and after the Florida storms.

So you can do a good job when it's in your best interests to do so. People sit in shelters instead of new homes because it's not in your best interests to get involved.

Selfish bastard.


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