Thursday, September 01, 2005

Homeland Security?

Thanks to Katrina, we now know what happens when disaster cripples a city.

Nothing happens.

Oh, wait, we get platitudes from the president. That's what we get.

Residents of New Orleans have been transformed into chunks of meat in a toxic soup. Hospital staff are siphoning fuel out of abandoned vehicles so they can keep generators running that patients on ventilators depend on to stay alive. Hospitals without potable water. Patients lying in their own feces. For days.

People dying on freeway overpasses after being there for days without water. People on rooftops waiting for days for rescue. Looting, shooting, violence. The desparation of people abandoned, left to fight for their own survival. Literally hung out to dry.

I thought we had the Department of Homeland Security to keep us safe?

I was mistaken. The people we entrust to keep us safe were fast asleep at the switch, choosing to sit around with their fingers up their asses, waiting to see how things unfolded.

Days later, they're still sitting around with their fingers up theur asses trying to figure out what to do. How about evacuating hospitals, declaring Marshall Law, Air lifting potable water into the region? That would be a good place to start.

Where are the troops? New Orleans is a wasteland. Why wasn't the military ready with troops, communication systems, amphibious vehicles, potable water?

Just like 9/11, George Bush is once again overwhelmed and useless. He is our leader. He should act like one. While people were starving, fighting to survive and dying, our President remained in Crawford, played a few rounds of golf, and pitched Iraq.

Eventually, he got around to making a speech. Dispassionate, completely lacking feeling, a pointless collection of platitudes.


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