Wednesday, September 07, 2005

He could have been a hero

Rove must be slipping.

Bush missed a real opportunity to do some good. To be a real American Hero. All he had to do was be there after Katrina hit, standing on a pile of rubble with a bullhorn ( a la 9/11), giving people who lost everything some hope.

If you're reading this, then you know how I feel about Bush. But I'll tellya what, if Bush did the right thing, if he did in the Gulf States what Rudy did for the world on 9/11, I would have stood behind my president.

Sadly, this is not the case. Bush, Cheney and Condi did what millionaires do. The day after Katrina, Bush took a jet to play some golf in Arizona, Caring Condi spent $3000 on a pair of shoes and enjoyed a Broadway show, and Cheney was in the process of buying a multimillion dollar vacation bungalow.

They just can't help themselves.

All Bush had to do was to physically be there, in the same place where the suffering was, and stay on top of his people like a good manager is supposed to do. The country would have rallied around him. He would have been a hero.

Never mind that it is his job to be there and be in charge, never mind that being useful and being there would have bolstered his numbers more than any dirty trick Rove could have conjured. Being there as the leader of the United States was simply the right thing to do.

But he just couldn't do it.

Bush will do what he always does. Cover his ass. Look for sacrificial lambs and victims to swift boat. He will continue living in a fantasy land where nothing is wrong, where he is the "War President".

The only WMD that poses a threat to us is George W. Bush.

Hello, Congress, are you there?


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