Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush: "I take responsibility"

In answer to a question asked by a reporter about the (in)ability of gov't being able to keep us safe, the President said this

"To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility,"

In case you've been sleeping for the past 5 years, this is the first time Bush has accepteted responsibility for anything, and this leaves me wondering why Bush did it. Here's what I think. With his poll numbers at record lows, an act of desperation was called for. And it looks like it's working. I can't speak for you, but I see...


...Scrolling across the ticker at One Times Square. It's like "Stop the Presses". ..

Let's get real..

Bush has never accepted responsibility for any one of his countless blunders. Why do the right thing now? Because desperate times call for desperate measures. That's why.

While you bask in the light of this monumental event, keep in mind that he doesn't mean it. Bush lacks the accountability gene. Even if he really wanted to, he couldn't accept responsibilty for anything. He doesn't know how to.

But there is good news here. Rove understands he's in stormy seas in a small, leaky boat. The usual spin isn't working. The media has been relentless. Surprise, America realizes this happened on "your watch", and swift boating Blanco and Nagin simply isn't going to get the job done. Basically, it looks like the dilemma Bush faces can not be addressed with the usual Rovian tactics. So Rove sits his dummy on his knee, and puts these words in his mouth-

"I take responsibility"


Anonymous caspixel said...

I wonder how well this PR move will work. I can just imagine all the people tettering on the fence going right back to Cult Bush after this, not able to see through this totally orchestrated PR move. I guess the polls will tell the story as to how many Americans are willing to be duped...again.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous caspixel said...

And right on the heels of that "good" PR move, comes this:

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

"Outside one house on Kentucky Street, a member of the Army 82nd Airborne Division summoned a reporter and photographer standing nearby and told them that if they took pictures or wrote a story about the body recovery process, he would take away their press credentials and kick them out of the state.

"No photos. No stories," said the man, wearing camouflage fatigues and a red beret.

On Saturday, after being challenged in court by CNN, the Bush administration agreed not to prevent the news media from following the effort to recover the bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims.

But on Monday, in the Bywater district, that assurance wasn't being followed. The 82nd Airborne soldier told reporters the Army had a policy that requires media to be 300 meters -- more than three football fields in length -- away from the scene of body recoveries in New Orleans. If reporters wrote stories or took pictures of body recoveries, they would be reported and face consequences, he said, including a loss of access for up-close coverage of certain military operations."

3:08 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

No photos. Just like Iraq. But with this guy the only thing he knows is supression of the media.

The scariest part of all? The really terrifying part? 78% of repugs think he is doing a good job.

What the fuck does it take to get through to them?

I'm hoping the ploy of * accepting responsibility is the last rabbit in the hat.

Bush is done. You can stick a fork in his ass. I don't get it. He has failed in every way. His rebuilt govt doesn't work. Iraq is a clusterfuck, Then you hava Rove, Katrina. He's a totally inept fucking psycho. Jeezus, all you have to do is listen to him talk.

How can anyone not see this?

I really want to climb to the top of the highest mountain, and say this to the 78% of repugs who support this moron:


3:17 PM  

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