Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You go, Dolores

O'Reilly had a Gold-Star Mom on todays show. You know why, right? Because of Cindy Sheehan, that's why. Cindy blew off Bill. Bill was going to get even.

So he found a Gold Star Mom who would dirty herself by appearing on the "No Spin Zone".

Bill tried everything to bulldoze this poor woman, while at the same time slamming Cindy. Yep, Bill was going to make this Gold Star Mom look foolish and weak. He was going to "set her straight", and show her how she has allowed herself to be used by the"far-left". Bill was going to chew up and spit out Dolores. Bill was going to show the strength of his position. Bill was going to comfort Dolores by letting her know her son died a noble death. Bill was going to explain to her why what we are doing is decent and noble. Bill was going to make Dolores look lost.

Dolores took all Bills shit. She stood her ground, and stood up for Cindy. Dolores did great.

Bill actually asked her "If you had to choose, would you stand beside Michael Moore or George Bush."

Dolores replied in a heartbeat- "Michael Moore never killed anyone"

Bill O'Reilly sank to a new low. Just like his butt-buddy the chimp, Bill tried to chew up a mother who sacrificed the most precious thing she had. Cindy is showing the chimp for what he is, and Dolores showed O'Reilly for the gutless, spineless miserable bastard he is.

You Go, Girls...


Blogger Archangel said...

Blog this no-balls;

This is what the rest of the family has to say:

In response to questions regarding the Cindy Sheehan/Crawford Texas issue:
Sheehan Family Statement:

The Sheehan Family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving. We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect.


Casey Sheehan's grandparents, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.

come vist me at;

My name is oxcart

1:03 PM  
Blogger Archangel said...

The pathetic Mrs. Cindy Sheehan has now taken sides with the jihadists who killed her son. If he could come back from beyond the grave, he'd curse his mother.

Where is Mr. Patrick Sheehan? Why doesn't he assert authority over his insane wife and tell her to shut up, or just divorce her? There's no excuse for this sort of behavior. It's not surprising that she is being used by Michael Moore, who is the #1 American traitor of the present.

The war we're fighting against fundamentalist Islam isn't just over there--it's here, too, and the Legacy Media has become, by and large, a Fifth Column of traitors who neither know nor care why America is the last, best hope of mankind, striving for a peaceful and free world.

People like you make me sick!

1:16 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

Tell you what. You sacrifice a child for this "noble cause", and you get a free ride. Basically, you're entitled to your fucking opinion.

Cindy has a political agenda? Maybe she does. So what? Chimpy sure has a fucking agenda, now doesn't he?

Your idea of patriotism is attacking the mother of a dead GI?.

Are you old enough to be in Iraq? If you are, what the fuck are you doing stateside? If you're not old enough, do you plan on going to Iraq when you're old enough? Are you too old? How about sending your kids over there?

If you can go, but don't, then you're a hypocrite.

If you don't encourage your kids and family to fight over there, then you're a hypocrite.

If there is no way you would ever go to Iraq without being drafted, then you're a hypocritical chickenhawk.

Jesus F. Christ, you're really scraping the bottom of the fucking barrel.

Get a life.

Thanks for stopping by.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous wolfmoosepigchicken said...

lmao--that guy is so West Side Story. He's snapping his fingers now--waiting for your reply on his facsist website. He wants to rumble now.


2:24 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

I actually took a look at his "website"

I did a quick "about-face" when I took a peek at his links

Sean Hannity
Drudge Report

You get the idea.

7:42 AM  

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