Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why wont Scooter Libby grant Judy Miller a personal waiver?

Rep. John Conyers

The President has, of course, directed his staff to "fully cooperate" with the Fitzgerald probe. If Waas's sources are right, Libby is not cooperating. In fact, while right wing pundits continually claim that the White House has not obstructed the Fitzgerald investigation, these new disclosures indicate that a top White House staffer is essentially directing a reporter to invoke a privilege on his behalf to keep the Special Prosecutor from learning the truth.


Blogger Zoffa said...

Arianna has said before she thinks that Miller is implicated somehow in all of this, perhaps not criminally but somehow. Thus, she's not likely to testify or reveal what she knows in any sense unless she gets a sweetheart deal out of it.
She has even gone so far as to say she wants an "uncoerced confession" so, one would assume, even if Bush directed Libby to give the specific waiver, she wouldn't take it.
How do they train these people to be so nefarious? I swear they import former KGB and N. Korean agents to teach them the fine art of flouting law and justice.

12:53 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

Yea, but Judy is already in jail. It's not like she is making a move to stay out of jail. That's the part that I don't get.

Undoubtably she is mixed up in this to a larger extent than we initially thought.

And even if she was the media source that regurgitated information as scooter and rove claim, she had to get the information from somewhere.

Which still doesn't explain the memo on AF-1 and the unlogged phone calls.

I have read Arianna's comments regarding this, they are well rreasoned. Maybe it's due to my being obtuse, but I really can't imagine what Judy is hiding.

It could be as simple as it looks, plus one more thing. That Judy aligns herself with the noecons and is hanging herself out to dry.

What secret is so damaging (to herself) that she would do time in jail rather than disclose the information?

And yes, these people have taken the are of living above the law to amazing new heights

1:08 PM  

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