Friday, August 19, 2005

Ohio Gov. Taft: Convicted criminal vows to stay in office.

Bob Taft, Ohio Governor and convicted criminal, vows to remain in office. "There is more work to be done", Taft was quoted as saying after pleading no contest to ethics violations.

Another poster child for the GOP?

OK, you can't blame Taft. Not really. How can you blame him? He sees Bush rape Social Security, putting billions in the hands of Americas richest 1%. He sees Bush lie his way into a war that nobody really wanted. He sees DeLay...

OK, so how can you blame Taft? I'm sure he figured, "What have I done compared to those guys?".

Honestly, Tatf's corrupt activity pales in comparison that Bush, Cheney and DeLay have been getting away with for years.


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