Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Did you hug a Republican today?

"Democracy is on the March!"

Or so Bush was saying. But not lately. "Democracy is on the march" has been replaced with "The tides of Democracy ebb and flow". And this, my friends, is why our macho President is making speeches from the safety of a VFW in Utah. Bush likes his scripted media events. Bush likes a supportive, enthusiastic crowd. The problem for Bush is that it is becoming almost impossible for him to find an supportive, enthusiastic crowd.

The picture is grim, mounting casualties in Iraq with no end in sight. It would appear that the insurgency is far from being in it's "last throes", as the ever optimistic Cheney proclaimed a few months ago. Bushs' simplistic world view caused him to see something most of us didn't. A peaceful, democratic, Iraq. Using our constitution as a template, the Iraqis were going to be the shining beacon of democracy in the Mideast.

Muslim Clerics running the show over there. That was my vision. Was it yours too? How about the Religious Right that Bush is constantly pandering to. Do you thing the Far-Right zealots who are running the United States are happy with the notion of a fundamentalist Iraq? Christians in Iraq are having a much harder go now that Iraq has been liberated. No, I don't think the zealots will be very happy about this.

With approval ratings tanked for the GOP, it would be nice if the Dems would step up with some options. The GOP has melted down. Nobody needs to Swift Boat anyone in the GOP. Bush has done more to ruin his party than any Liberal or Democrat could have ever done. And with Iraq looking more and more like a fundamentalist State, the failure of the Bush Doctrine soon will be complete.

Nature abhors a vacuum. And a vacuum is what will remain in Washington. Bush-Bashing will not fill the vacuum. The country now realizes they were sold a bill of goods. America is feeling the pain of buyers remorse. What America needs from us is a real alternative to Bush and the Neocons.

I can imagine how hard it would be for a diehard Republican to vote for a Dem. I find the thought of voting for a GOP candidate repulsive. It would be difficult for me to go with the GOP, even if I have a very good reason. And it will be difficult for a voter who has gone with the GOP their entire lifetime to vote for a Democratic candidate . Even it they know that the GOP does not share their values anymore. If Jesus Christ was a Democrat, they would still have a hard time voting for him.

Now is not the time for Bush Bashing. Now is the time to embrace those republicans who are feeling the guilt and sorrow of "Four More Years". They may also be embarrased at how they were so effortlessly manipulated. If we can help these people feel good about themselves, it may make it easier for them to vote Democratic when the time comes. Now is not the time for "Nyah Nyah, I told you so!"

Did you hug a Republican today?


Anonymous caspixel said...

Do I have to?

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure, why not?

4:47 PM  
Anonymous caspixel said...

I bet the people over at Free Republic aren't feeling any remorse.

5:29 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

The freepers are fanatical. They put loyalty to the president above loyalty to their country.

They are braindead morons incapable of thinking for themselves.

I have coworkers who voted for chimpy (two times) and are walking around miserable. They feel responsible for the needless death and suffering.

They believed the bullshit, and now they feel really, really bad.

They're all not as bad as freepers, thank God.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Zoffa said...

I tried but they were all covered in slime and I slid right off.

Seriously, I don't know how to talk to die hard GOP fans anymore. They're so defensive you can't get through. My dad's of this persuasion. I mentioned the up and coming Dem candidate for governor, in a time when Ohio REALLY needs a change in party and he "doesn't like him" but for no discernable reason. Give me a break. Screw the republicans. Target the masses who are actually affected by all the horrendous policies from the last 5 years.

1:52 PM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...


You can't say "Screw the Republicans".

They vote. We want them to think for themselves. For this to happen, they will need firm, but compassionate guidance.

Things will not improve until they learn to think for themselves. The GOP doesn't want them to act as individuals. They are perfectly happy with the drones they have programmed.

OK, seriously. The die-hard freepers are a lost cause, but how about moderates? I dunno about you, but I would throw a line to a moderate.

Many of them are feeling alienated by their party. Others are feeling betrayed.

If any of these folks approach me with their tails between their legs, I would absolutely be a nice guy about it

3:16 PM  
Anonymous caspixel said...

I hope they are feeling bad. Really, really bad. I was aware when Bush stole the presidency the first time that it did not bode well for America. How did it take them so long to figure it out? If they are feeling remorse now, then why weren't they thinking for themselves back then?

6:05 PM  
Anonymous wolfmoosepigchicken said...

I still think to be a diehard GOP in this country since the last election puts you in a very scary category: freaked out haters. These people would rather live in this mess than admit their children are gay. They'd rather live in this mess than allow their wives and daughters equal ground. They'd rather live in this mess than admit the air they breathe, the water they drink and the factory they run gave them the cancer in their lungs, pancreas and balls. I know a real republican, and that ISN'T him. I feel for him like I feel for myself--we're both victims of greed, hatred and stupidity. And we're both going to fight like hell to fix this mess.

4:30 PM  

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