Friday, July 15, 2005

McCain. Nice guy or scumbag?

My sister and I play a game. One of us names a person, then the other has to say if that person is a "good guy" or "scumbag"

Example: George W. Bush -----------------> scumbag
Tom DeLay-----------------------> scumbag
Dick Cheney---------------------> scumbag
Jimmy Carter--------------------> nice guy

OK, those are easy ones, and just examples, but the other night Liz and I were playing this game and Liz said "John McCain" and I honestly didn't know what to say. I disagree with much of what McCain is, but truthfully, I don't think he's a scumbag.

I never thought I would say that about a republican in this administration, and I feel I must be missing something. Only I can't figure out what I'm missing.

McCain believes what we're doing in Iraq is the right thing. I disagree. That doesn't make McCain a scumbag. It makes him wrong, but not a scumbag.

McCain was one voice of reason when the neocons threatened to use the nuclear option if the dems didn't give bush what he wanted. McCain was a candle in that darkness. McCain was a POW and has firsthand knowledge of how it feels to be a POW (unlike our president, who never saw combat)and speaks out against our interrogation policies regarding detainees captured during the "global war on terror"

So, I disagree with much, if not most, of what McCain stands for. Which is fine. The thing is, I don't thing McCain is a scumbag. I think he talks from the heart. Does not bow to rhetoric, does not kiss w's ass. A regular guy. Is it possible that McCain is not a scumbag? Or am I missing something obvious?


Anonymous wolfmoosepigchicken said...

...waiting for Zoffa's response. We all know you're in love with him. :-P

11:19 AM  
Blogger evil eggplant said...

la de da da da

11:49 AM  
Blogger Zoffa said...

I like McCain so I vote "Nice Guy" but I'm torn on whether I really want him to make the republican nomination or not. On the one hand, it'd be nice to see a responsible, ethical somewhat moderate Republican in a leadership position. On the other though, despite what polls currently say, I don't see how any current prominent Dem beats him once the race gets roaring unless his base completely abandons him. I'd hate to see those assfucks in congress get political cover by having one of the small handful of moderates in their party in the WH.
That satisfy your zoffa fix "wolfmoosepigchicken"?

8:29 AM  

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